Sång & Dans, an open collection of pieces for clarinet (bass clarinet), piano and double bass (2014-ongoing). First performance(s) of a selection of pieces: Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm, 10 Oct 2021, by Per ‘Texas Johansson, Rasmus Borg, Viktor Skokic. These pieces are  constructed upon layered old folk songs and dance tunes from Skåne, Sweden.


Preludes, for piano (2018-21). First performance: Monopiano Festival, Fylkingen, Stockholm, 24 Oct 2021, by Rasmus Borg. Video


Tiling, for piano. 6 min. First performance: Monopiano Festival, Fylkingen, Stockholm, 24 Oct 2021, by Rasmus Borg. Video


Hanna från Kvärlövfor clarinet and piano. 20 min. First performance: Fylkingen, Stockholm, 20 Feb 2020, by Gustav Rådström & Rasmus Borg.

Triple Tropical Bull (to Carla Bley), for seven musicians (voc, tpt, as, ts, pno, db, dr). 3 min. First Performance: Gerlesborgsskolan, Gerlesborg, Sweden, 26 Aug 2019, by Sthlm svaga (Johan Jutterström, Gustav Rådström, Niklas Barnö, Linda Olah, Rasmus Borg, Elsa Bergman, Andreas Hiroui Larsson). Featured on Sthlm Svaga’s LP ‘Bells and Whistles’ (Found You Recordings, 2020). Listen Score


3 Impromptus, for piano. 8 min. First Performance: Monopiano Festival, Fylkingen, Stockholm, 24 Oct 2021, by Rasmus Borg. Video


Wedding, for organ. 4 min. First performance: Duvbo church, Sundbyberg, Sweden, Apr 2014, by Astrid Wennerholm.


after two, three, duo for alto flute, percussion (dobaci bowl, bass drum). 6 min. 1st perf. May 2012 at Academy for Music and Drama, Gothenburg, Sweden. Amalia Beauregard Camp, Angelina Mangs. Score

7 januari 2012, for clarinet, piano, double bass, cymbal. 5-6 min. 1st perf. 2012. Recording from Östersund, Sweden, Feb. 2013. Johan Arrias, Rasmus Borg, Niklas Fernqvist, Magnus Vikberg.


Så gråter så, for male chorus (TTBB). 1 min. Text by Gunnar Björling. 1st perf. Dec. 2011 by Svenska Manskören Boyz in love, at Hagakyrkan, Gothenburg, Sweden. Originally part of a commissioned collection of movements, all the rest of which are scrapped. Listen


98 (Dowland International), classical guitar. 7 min. 1st perf. at Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg, Sweden, Dec. 2010, by Seth Josel. Score Listen


Basho settings, voice, alto sax (or cl.), viola, cello, piano. Texts by Matsuo Basho (1644-1694). First performances during different concerts 2008-10. Sarah Riedel, Joel Wästberg, Elin Sydhagen, Ingrid Andersson/Hanna Kilpinen and Rasmus Borg.


93 (Imagine), 15 strings (3*3 vln, 3 vla, 2 vlc, 1 db). 12 min. First performance: Palladium, Växjö, Sweden, 27 Nov. 2009, by Musica Vitae and cond. Michael Bartosch. Broadcast at Swedish Radio, P2. Listen

imagine si ceci
un jour ceci
un beau jour
si un jour
un beau jour ceci

Samuel Beckett


84, clarinet, cello, double bass, piano. 15 min. First performance: Sirenfestivalen, Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 2009, by Beatrice Seyzeriat, Viktor Steineck, Antonio Hallongren and Martin Lindahl. Cond: Rasmus Borg.


Flanerar sommardag, for clarinet, trumpet, piano. Previously named “69”. 31 min. First performance: Teater Lederman, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2008, by Gustav Rådström, Johan Norin and Rasmus Borg. Listen